Meetings No 77
Vem tar initiativet?
Atti Soenarso undrar varför inte landets convention bureauer driver debatten.
Cover Story
Att vara en bra lärare är att vara en duktig säljare
Sveriges bästa lärare var en dagdrömmare med inlärningssvårigheter.
Psykologiska möten
Hans Gordon om när sociala smörjmedel kan bli till farliga vapen.
RAI Amsterdam ser ljust på den digitala omställningen
Operativ chef ser möjligheter i den nya situationen.
Så utvecklar pandemin mötes- och eventindustrin
En sak är solklar: Tekniken spelar en ännu större roll framöver.
Copenhagen CB stärker sin affärsmodell för kongresser
Copenhagen Convention Bureau delar sina insikter och kunskaper.
Leverera och leva upp till löften kring säkerhet
I Sverige talas enbart om säkerhet medan man på engelska talar om både ’safety’ och ’security’.
White Blossom on Repeat
Flowering melancholy from Sweden.
IBTM World Virtual 2020
De senaste huvudtalarna på IBTM World Virtual presenteras.
Säkra möten
Personliga möten värnar företagskultur och vision
Steningeviks och Nova Parks vd om samtid och framtid.
Förbättrat nätverk hjälper travel managers globalt
Det här året har ändrat travel managerns roll i grunden.
×5 Your Positivity and Productivity During the Pandemic
Getting you into the rare-air that very few know.
Är det dags att nyansera debatten?
Tomas Dalström i diskussion med Nina Wormbs om att ny teknik inte alltid håller vad den lovar.
Sverige saknar en stark och samlande röst
Roger Kellerman efterlyser handling.
till Akademikonferens.
Chef för möten och event
till Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.
Ingen hotellkris
– än så länge.

Rekordsommar för Höga Kusten
Internationella gäster har ökat med 40% sedan 2019.
Comwell Aarhus
har utsetts till det mest klimatvänliga hotellet i Danmark.
11-13 november 2022
Allt för hälsan tillbaka
– i år med fokus på kvinnohälsa.
25 april
Lansering av Fastighetsenergi 2023
– ny arena för framtidssäkrade byggnader
säkerhet för medarbetare
Riskline och Safeture
inleder ett samarbete.
Mässor är möten
Elmia Garden 2022
– storsatsning på hela mässupplevelsen.
Comfort Hotel
växer i Göteborg
Rekord i antal hotellnätter
under H22 City Expo i Helsingborg.
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×5 Your Positivity and Productivity During the Pandemic

Following the crowd and behaving as the mass of humanity does will not get you into the rare-air that very few know. Legendary (or simply just happy) requires one to become a member of the anti-majority. Some of the specific unusual mentalities that are at the foundation of the way that I do my best to work and live are these:

1To Imagine a Glorious Future is to Come Alive

Personally, if I can’t keep making my tomorrows more beautiful than my todays, I don’t want to live. As a matter of fact, I come to life when I build. And when I make. And when I feel the spiritual energy that is released when I progress. Imagining your next-level of heroism and then having the guts to get that dream done is, to me, why we are here.

Yes, getting into the ring brings the risks of a knockout punch. I should know because I’ve been struck by a bunch. And yet, isn’t that part of the sport of living? And to know the victory of getting back up, though bruised and bloodied, is one of the greatest satisfactions of a courageous human existence.

2Reaching for What Makes Your Spirit Soar is How You Become Heroic

Remaining in your Safe Harbor of The Known is a wonderful way to stunt your self-respect, while you degrade your mastery. It is in the process of pursuing your visions that the winning lives. Please don’t fall too in love with the rewards that sit at the end of the journey you’re on as they never are as amazing as you now think they’ll be.

Embrace where you now are. Adore the micro-wins and mini-triumphs. Appreciate your perfect decisions as well as your dead ends. And celebrate what you are advancing steadfastly toward your Mount Everests’ is moulding you into as a leader, producer and person.

3The Triumph is in the Try

Really important point above, I suggest with very real respect. First, you’ll never get to great if you’re afraid of any risk. Just not possible. Every fantasy carries with it the threat of adversity. And sometimes even tragedy. That’s simply part of the calculus.

Second, and even more essential to appreciate, the real success lies in the fact that you disbelieved your doubts, ignored the naysayers and continued your climb. If you’ve tried and lost, you’ve won. And if you’ve tried and won, even better. God bless you.

4Any Fall Breeds Increased Fearlessness

Those stuck in insecurity and scarcity and impossibility secretly hope you’ll fail. Because once you do, it quietly validates their psychological philosophy that aspiring for mastery is the game of fools. And that it’s best to operate within a tiny field to avoid getting stung.

What these souls don’t understand is that it’s in the storm that strengths are made. It’s in the hard periods that we receive the chance to grow exponentially, in wisdom, honour and skill. And it’s in the falls that we are schooled in the fine art of fearlessness.

5Pessimists Are Self-Faithfulness Mentors

A pessimist is someone who looks for the calamity within every opportunity. They natively seek out what could go wrong and the reasons not to seize a possibility like a heat-seeking missile whizzes towards its target. You are a possibilitarian. A POIV (Person of Immense Vision). A hopefulist and a radical enthusiast.

The more you own your power and develop the exceptional confidence that comes with making your fantasies real, the bigger your dreams will get. And when that happens, even more people will think you’re weird. And foolish. And wrong.

Those who condemn you are locked in their limited beliefs and terrified of their own bigness. That magic that was awake within them when they were kids has been stuffed deep into their darkest natures through life’s trials and corresponding traumas. And so, they know not what they do.

Their criticism is awesome soil within which to grow your faith in yourself. And your ironclad trust in your finest instincts. Bless them rather than cursing them, for they are helping your rise.

I hope this piece that I’ve handcrafted with deep care helps you stand strong and productive during these challenging times.

Love + respect,