Meetings No 75
Vi hörs snart, Ibrahim Baylan
Dags att staten tar ett strategiskt och ekonomiskt ansvar för mötesindustrin.
Cover Story
Vanessa Butani, Scandic Hotels
Koncernen tar nya hållbarhetsinitiativ.
Många positiva synergieffekter efter bordtennis-VM i Halmstad
Lag-VM i bordtennis är ett lysande exempel på bra bieffekter av ett event.
Psykologiska möten
Det dysfunktionella förnuftet
Hans Gordon om när vi människor låter mycket bli fel.
Position Yourself
Go a little bit out of your depth.
Malin Åkerström
Vad är möten egentligen för något?
Azerbajdzjan blir värd för den internationella rymdkongressen år 2022 med 6 000 deltagare
Azerbajdzjan tar plats som global destination för Business Events.
9 Key Lessons From The 5AM Club
Urging you to battleproof your creative genius.
Genomsnittsföretaget förlorar med än 20 procent av sin produktiva förmåga på organisatoriska hinder
Våra hjärnor fungerar på samma sätt som de gjorde innan it lanserades.
E6an i svensk mötesindustri formar framtiden
Förutsättningen för att Sverige ska bli ännu bättre.
hållbarhet i fokus
får Pingvinpriset.
Emirates vd Tim Clark
ser stora möjligheter i framtiden för affärsresor trots Zoom-hotet.
kreativt initiativ
öppnar världens största paketombud med hjälp av Stockholmsmässan
innovation och utveckling
Bo på hotell
- boka en Safecation.
så kan du bidra
Nordic Choice Hotels
tar action för att alla ska få en god jul.
Nya undersökningsresultat:
många planerar redan för svemester 2021.
smärtsamt beslut
Åbymässan har stängt
– byggs om till padelhall.
bra initiativ
lanserar ny multiriskförsäkring för att hantera rädslan för coronavirus.
Country Operations Manager på Plantagen
Ann-Christin Edling Jönsson
ny ordförande i Svenska Mötens styrelse.
med säkerhet i fokus
Skogshem & Wijk
vinnare av Svenska Mötespriset – Årets Mötesrum 2020.
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9 Key Lessons From The 5AM Club

This is year four on my new book and I’m delighted to report it’s done.

… it’s all about the methodology I’ve created to start your mornings well, so your days are consistently excellent.

… it’s been quite a creative journey over these years of writing this new book and has demanded more from me than anything I’ve ever done.

So, with this context, I thought it would be helpful to the full expression of your genius if I shared 9 quick lessons that giving my heart plus soul to The 5AM Club has taught me about creativity and productivity:

1When attempting to do a towering work that turns the industry on its head, you’ll feel like it’s not good enough, a lot of the time.

2When you feel like quitting is the time you must commit to continuing.

3Critics should move out of the way of people trying to get things done.

4Procrastination is just your fear trying to divert you.

5Fasting is an amazing practice to elevate your mental clarity, fireproof your energy and save a ton of time (and grocery expenses; joking … a little).

6There is immense value, as you produce a project that you want to endure for decades, in getting lost from your usual life. You absolutely need to “go dark” so you get into the Flow State of mind that will deliver peak ideas to you. Major parts of The 5AM Club were written in Rome, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland and Mauritius.

7Get your creative tools right. My Moleskine pens and dialled-in journals and colored markers and various iPads have all been keys to protecting my inspiration and capturing my idea downloads.

8On the writing of this book, music was almost always playing as I worked my craft. I handcrafted specific playlists that lifted me into lofty realms I can’t even describe in words. Music works to activate your best.

9Reward yourself. Making this book has been intense hard work. Super demanding labor, intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you’ve followed my whole journey on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen what I’ve put myself through to get this work right for you. And yet, through the toil and deep labor, and fighting the struggle, I also found time to have fun. Life’s just too short to be too serious, yes?

Ok. Hope these insights are valuable and more are coming.

For now, I just need to lovingly urge you to battleproof your creative genius, like the real pros do so you fully express the gifts, and talents within you, before it’s too late to do so.

… nothing ruins a human life more than talent unexpressed.