Meetings No 71
“Convention Bureauer fokuserar på fel saker”
Atti Soenarso har träffat forskaren Thomas Trøst Hansen.
Cover Story
Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Gapminder
”Vi har rätt, ni har fel. Så enkelt är det.”
Tourism Australia
Skapar bid-fond för möten, värd över 80 miljoner kr.
While There’s Life, There’s Hope
Ever present words from the past.
24 Important Things Life Has Taught Me
Robin Sharma shares two dozen life lessons.
Universiteten allt viktigare kunskapsbärare för möten
En titt på framtidens kongresser i Skåne.
Ha en genomarbetad krisplan
Säkerheten måste ingå i helhetsupplevelsen.
Ice and Light Village
En igloo-by växer fram vid Kalixälven.
Stäng av mejlen när du har ledigt
Mantra: Inte kolla intranätet, mejla, ringa, skicka sms eller jobba lite.
Roger Kellerman undrar var svenskarna i de globala organisationerna finns.
Vi söker Event Sales Manager
Och vinnaren är:
Årets Hållbara Företag 2019
Events skapar möten
Dreamhack Masters
återvänder till Malmö.
Nu öppnar Åby Hotel
i Göteborg/Mölndal.
150 nya lyxhotell
öppnade i Grekland år 2018.
Framgångsrikt miljöarbete
på Meetx.
Thomas Frostberg
om ekosystemet för innovation 2019.
mat och möten
Niclas Jansson, Sigtunahöjdens köksmästare,
vann internationell kocktävling.
nya uppdrag
Johan Svensson ny ordförande
för Countryside Hotels.
events skapar möten
Evenemang genererade 213 miljoner till Kristianstads näringsliv
Åhus Beachhandboll drog flest eventbesökare till Kristianstad 2018.
Svensk framgång på Hannover Messe
skapar nya samarbeten för Svenska Mässan.
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24 Important Things Life Has Taught Me

Ok. Let’s roll on the 24 lessons I hope will cause potent elevations in your performance, joyfulness and influence.

  1. Life replies to the quality of your character. As you rise, everything ascends with you.
  2. Do your best then let go – and let life do the rest.
  3. You can’t build a beautiful future if you haven’t worked through the burdens of your past.
  4. The quality of your performance depends on the strength of your practice.
  5. Critics are just dreamers who got scared. Forgive them. They know no better.
  6. Early to rise wins.
  7. See your work as your craft. Sweat the tiniest of details and push yourself to produce outright magic. For there your greatness lives.
  8. As you leave the crowd in hot pursuit of a rare-air life, you will be misunderstood. Our world was built by people who the masses called ’weird’.
  9. Success without soulfulness is a waste of time.
  10. Each day you receive a gift: the chance to show kindness to others. To neglect this present is to misuse your days.
  11. Watch what most people do and do the opposite. You’ll be just fine.
  12. Cleaning out the toxic people and corrosive influences in your life completely transforms your life for the better.
  13. Be a minimalist. Do just a few things each day. At genius. (Please don’t confuse busy with effective.)
  14. Starting your day with sweaty exercise delivers consistently better days.
  15. As you become more successful, the seduction to rest on your laurels becomes greater. Maintain a white belt mentality. Never stop learning and growing.
  16. When you see flowers, always stop and smell them. (Yes, I am serious.)
  17. Travel a lot. It’s a brilliant education and breeds sophistication.
  18. Be the most generous person in every room you’re in.
  19. Read for 60 minutes every single day. For the rest of your life.
  20. Tell the people you love how much you love them. All the time. (Hug and kiss them a lot too.)
  21. Keep a journal. It’s a fine place to record your gratitude, process through pain, note your victories and reclaim your most luminous self.
  22. Give your customers massive value without seeking any return. They are the people who allow you to have food on your family’s table.
  23. Have fun. Get great at working super hard then enjoying life gorgeously.
  24. Be of service. To the world.