Meetings No 70
Skapa möjligheter med en bid-fond
Atti Soenarso: Australien satsar 80 miljoner kronor på möten och event.
Cover Story
Anna Lindström
Uppsala Convention Bureau stretar på likt en envis åsna mot målet.
Positiv utveckling av idrottsevent i Uppsala
Med nya arenor har antalet evenemang och deltagare ökat.
Ny nationell arena för marin forskning
Skapar samlingsplats för forskning och innovation.
A Life Remembered
Tack för musiken, Avicii.
Hotellnestorn Ejnar Söder
Vill skapa en ny svensk utbildning i internationell toppklass.
Habits to Build Your Empire
Robin Sharma: Resist the saboteur!
Island världsetta
I att organisera internationella möten om vi räknar möten per capita.
Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg
Rösten är otroligt viktig för hur vi tar emot budskap.
Ejnar Söders vision är också min
Roger Kellerman instämmer helhjärtat.
Vi söker Event Sales Manager
nya kunskaper
Fokus på inkluderande och jämställd arbetsplats
på Personal & Chef.
god och möten
Gothia Towers officiell partner
till Scandinavian Invitation.
Svenskt fjällhotell på listan över världens mest romantiska platser
– före resmål som Seychellerna, Antigua och Zanzibar.
Rekordår för Swedish Lapland
ökar med fem procent i antalet gästnätter 2018.
Antalet besökare fortsätter att öka i Stockholm
14.5 miljoner besökare 2018 ger ökning på 3,5 %.

på Exclusively Corporate hos IMEX.
Lunds lokala mötesambassadörer hyllas
Johan Wester och Ulla Boström Hjort prisades.
Skåne växer snabbast
och har nu passerat sex miljoner gästnätter.
Scandic säljer Hasselbacken
till Pop House AB.
events skapar möten
Vetenskapsfestivalen får fyra miljoner från Stenastiftelsen
70 000 besökare 2018.
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Habits to Build Your Empire

I’m getting a lot of people coming to my events, driven to do gargantuan things in the world. Many want to build business empires. A lot want to scale creative empires. And quite a number are obsessed with building humanitarian empires.

I’ve been in the productive pocket these past weeks, in seclusion finishing my new book The 5 AM Club so I’ve had time to reflect on some of the best protocols I run to get massive projects done. I’ll share seven of them below.

1Get Away From Your World You can’t do the finest work of your career staying in your city. I’ve found I get big things done when I’m on airplanes or in hotel rooms. It’s a total needle-mover to book a fantastic room in a place you adore and then put the “do not disturb” on the phone and door for a week. Yes, take it off so your room gets cleaned ;)

And put your devices in a plastic bag with a label on it that says “My Masterpiece is more important than my email!”

Just think about it: in a hotel room, no one can distract you, you can order room service when you need to, sleep when you need to, you can work out when you need to work out and you can isolate yourself so that Transient Hypofrontality (the neurobiological state of genius that we all have but so few know how to access) just shows up; you can’t miss Personal Mastery Academy if what I’m writing is speaking to you deeply.

Some people say “but a great room costs too much”. I think of what I’ve learned from Warren Buffett: Focus on value versus cost. If you do work that wows a whole industry and makes you a legend in your field, was the investment returned 1,000 times over?

You can’t become a history-maker stuck in tiny thinking. You just can’t.

2Fight to Be Dark I know you’re important. I know you’re a busy producer. I get that people need your attention and your decisions. Go to war. Fight to go dark and be completely unavailable. Distractions are costing you your genius. The business won’t burn down, and your team will figure it out.

You doing masterful work is all that matters here. Trust me on this. Be nearly totally unavailable. Just watch what ideas start downloading and just see the quality of your output.

3Become a Spartan Don’t fill your room with shiny toys. Have the goodies in the mini-bar taken out before you arrive. Give the magazines and newspapers and welcome basket to housekeeping with a radiant smile and a big tip.

You’re like a Spartan soldier now. Leave as little in your personal monastery that the world calls a hotel room as possible. You’re Edison and this is now your Menlo Park. The place where you breed the ideas and execute on the concepts, so you raise the entire world.

Keep it pure. Keep it lean.

4Find a Rhythm As I finished The 5 AM Club, I found a profoundly awesome daily pattern in a small town in Europe that worked beautifully for me. I’d rise, have coffee and then write. No food. Just writing.

After three good hours, I run along the lake and watch the snow-capped mountains. Then I do some drills in the gym. Then, after a light meal, I go back to the craft.

After another few hours, I’ll do a 60-minute walk to decompress. Evenings are reserved for a lovely meal with loved ones.

I do this almost every day. All I care about is sharing what works for me, so it works for you. And this all works. Period.

5Seek Inspiration When I need to complete a project of primary importance, I’m around nature a lot. Today, after seven days at the table, I closed my iPad Pro (a shiny toy worth having) and took the day off. I shot pictures of Spring flowers, basked in the sun, ate lunch outside at a very cool Bohemian shack in the edgy part of town and found a women’s art exhibition in a hidden warehouse.

My game’s refueled. I’ll be back at the writing, re-created, tomorrow.

6Resist the Saboteur Here’s the thing about doing your greatest work: as you get closer to what you’re truly capable of producing, your ego will subconsciously seduce you to stop making.

You’ll feel like Skyping the office or checking your Instagram feed or taking a nap.

Don’t let your lower self cause you to betray the gifts embedded in you. Your loved ones need you to fly. And our world will be a whole lot better off when the brilliance of your light shines.

7Reward Your Wins In over 25 years as a Creative, I’ve hardly watched television. I haven’t known the hip shows nor watched the hot programmes. It’s been mostly family, fitness, my personal development and my craft. Very minimalist. Highly unorthodox.

You have a different way of conducting your life? Beautiful. This is how I’ve lived mine. I don’t really do it for the fame or the money. I do it because I need to. Because my heart makes me do it. Because it’s what I’ve signed up for. Because I know no other way.

Hope you feel the passion which I feel as I write this. You are built to do epic work. You are constructed to make a gorgeous impact. Step up. Show up. Make history.