Meetings No 61
Tveksamt uppförande, staten
Atti Soenarso om omoraliskt tillskansade fördelar.
Cover Story
Maxi Tropé och Janne Carlsson
Många organisationer lever i någon sorts självbedrägeri.
Psykologiska Möten
När blir människan människa?
Hans Gordon om frihetens pris.
Årets EIBTM storsatsar på nya kunskaper
Åk till Barcelona i november och förkovra dig.
Anna Klynning
Om kraften i ett ’hej’.
Pearlmans planet
Förbluffande fängslande läsning.
En massa sätt att sabba ett möte
Bok som vill professionalisera företagens möten.
The Last Days of Average
You’ve been designed to wow.
Omgiven av idioter
Thomas Erikson: Möteskulturen i Sverige är en total katastrof.
Dags att omfördela pengarna
från turismorganisationer till mötes- och eventsektorn.
Upphandling av partnerkonsult
till IUFRO World Congress 2024.
Countryside Hotels
slog försäljningsrekord trots pandemi.
+200 talare
Ny konferens och mässa
för framtidens sjukvård arrangeras i Stockholm 25 – 26 januari 2023
nytt jobb
Scandic värvar hotelldirektör
– Roger Pettersson tar över ansvaret för Scandichotellen i Umeå.
29 april - 1 maj
eCarExpo i Friends Arena
laddar om i april.
Uppstickaren Univid ska bli störst på digitala event
– backas av tunga investerare.
Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens
får ny ägare.
ljus i mörkret
Karlstad CCC satte försäljningsrekord i december
sålde för nästan tio miljoner kronor.
tråkigt beslut
Allt för sjön 2022 ställer in
planerar för mars 2023.
kan bli 23,000 deltagare
Arton internationella kongresser
valde Seoul som destinationen.
+ Världsmiljödagen
platsen för FN:s miljömöte Stockholm+50.
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The Last Days of Average

You were constructed to win. You’ve been designed to wow. And you’ve been built to inspire.

As we get you to your NLWC (Next Level of World-Class), I wanted to run you through some of the core distinctions between those who operate at average … and those who have the guts and acumen to aim for iconic …

Fair Warning: This piece is a little longer than usual. We live in a world where too many people have given up the ability to go deep and read intensely, preferring dancing cat videos and short bursts of cotton-candy content designed to entertain versus educate … my heartfelt encouragement is stay with this post until the end. Reflect on the insights I’ve worked so hard to share. And most key, live the message … And so …

1Average performers love to talk about others. Iconic producers are obsessed with discussing their dreams.

2Average performers adore leisure. They know the hot tv shows, spend their finest hours playing video games and are first among friends to secure the latest gadget. Iconic producers are vastly different … their addiction is learning. They invest in books, go to conferences, mastermind with masters and do whatever it takes to make their tomorrows better than their todays. Please remember: The more you know, the more you can achieve. Knowledge is the greatness creator.

3Average performers resign themselves to mediocrity, thinking that the elite are somehow smarter, faster and cut from a different cloth. I call this The Myth of Genius. Don’t buy into it. Iconic producers have a different perception. They get that genius and legendary is not the result of divinely-orchestrated talent. Nope. It’s a lot more about focus, discipline, sacrifice, suffering, stamina and ridiculous amounts of hard work. They get that rising to world-class is never easy. But it’s always worth it.

4Average performers disrespect time. You’ll see them waiting hours for a great table in a cool restaurant. They buy groceries when everyone else buys groceries. They are often late and known for procrastination. Iconic producers understand that time is a blessing. They use their best hours for their most important pursuits. They have a clear written plan for the next ten years, five years and this year. They schedule their days, knowing that structure is the doorway into freedom.

5Average performers use victimspeak. Everything is ‘a mess’ or ‘trouble’ or ‘a problem’. But the words you use drive the energy you feel. And to rise to exceptional, you need to tap into your natural reservoir of massive energy. So iconic producers leverage their words to raise their games. Their language inspires. And reveals the fact that–deep within–they view themselves as captains of their fate versus powerless little pawns.

6Average performers stop when they’re scared. Iconic producers press ahead when stricken by fear, understanding that persistence is the DNA of becoming a game-changer. And that bravery is the result of practice versus a natural gift.

7Average performers follow the crowd. Their dominant focus is to fit in, be liked and receive tribal acceptance. Iconic performers care not what others think. They’ve developed the confidence to think for themselves. They set their own dreams, run their own values and march to their personal drumbeat. That not only causes rare-air success. It produces enduring happiness.

8Average performers are pleasure-driven. Everything they do is about fulfilling their desires and feeling good in the moment (often done as an escape from the pain of potential betrayed). Iconic producers are purpose-driven. They are fuelled by their Mighty Why – that singular and gorgeous vision of a bigger future that keeps them up late and gets them out of bed early. They viscerally understand that the secret of passion is purpose. And that once you articulate your why, the hows automatically present themselves.

9The average performer is pure consumer. It’s all about buying and having things. Their self-identity is based on the brands, labels and badges of the moment. Iconic producers care very little about stuff. What stokes their fire has less to do with being a consumer and a lot more to do with being a maker. For them, their compelling cause is all about using their creativity, energy, talents and time to produce value that not only delivers their personal dreams but makes the world a greater place.

I sincerely hope these nine points inspire, help and serve your rise.

Your time really is now. My respectful suggestion: release all excuses, reasons, rationales and resentments. Today’s a fresh canvas. A new beginning. And your beautiful opportunity to step into the life you ache to live.